perfectionally by M. Jai Jenkins


by M. Jai Jenkins

You were born unbiased: with no hate, malice nor dissonance,

The antithesis of who you are now, so what caused such a difference?

What made you angry at the world? Hm. Who took your innocence?

Who removed your caring and compassion, & doubled down on violence and ignorance?

Cause I found your piece of mind, your confidence, pride, hope and your reason.

Who neglected you, & didn’t protect you, causing your spiritual forfeit?

Who’d you tell & instead of offering help, they protected the culprit?

Who made you believe you weren’t good enough, thus diverting your true direction:

What makes you think nobody’s perfect? & Why do you doubt your own perfection?

perfectionally by M. Jai Jenkins
perfectionally by M. Jai Jenkins


 I found something of yours, you must’ve lost it a while back but I’m positive you need it,

Looks like you dropped it when you got robbed… of your true purpose in being.

I deduce, that from the impact of the trauma,  it shattered your world into little pieces,

I found your ego too but threw it away, so I could eliminate the embarrassment,

You see, your perfect the way you are: you just can’t see it in comparison.

No matter who says or does what, it only becomes true when you believe it,

Perfection does exist, but only in the minds of those who conceive it.

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