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Who is M. Jai Jenkins?

A passion driven, perpetually creative soul; with an obsession for knowledge, solving problems and helping others. An Indomitable spirit. A Proud Father, Motivational Speaker, Inventor (patent pending), Creativity Consultant, Writer, Entrepreneur, Painter, Author (soon to be published), Director and more. Sleep is my lone arch nemesis. Never Negative and occasionally funny.  

I love learning new things and teaching them to others. Shout-out to all the educators worldwide. Your profession does save lives. This lead to “EDUCATED HOMIE: THE M. JAI JENKINS SHOW.” A soon to be released weekly show educating people on all the interesting things I’ve learned about, as well as things I will be learning while on the show. If you like learning new things on a variety of subjects; then please join me!

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My educational journey has lead me to realize that the strongest, most powerful and valuable asset we own are our minds. The mind is more powerful than any tool or machine that humans have created. After all, it was the human mind that created those things. You have in your mind; the ability to design, manifest and build whatever life you desire. It requires belief, determination, persistence, education, confidence and help. Help is needed for us all. No one can do everything alone. You were born by yourself but not for yourself. So, I’m sharing my journey, knowledge and platforms to educate; as well as be educated, on as many things as possible.

“Instead of propelling me forward toward success; it grabbed me and held me down until many opportunities had passed. Those were losses in my mind when I was uneducated. Now, I see them as lessons. Valuable lessons on how to lose like a winner.” – M. Jai Jenkins

“Cerebral Billionaire”

One of many short stories I’m proud to have written is below, Check it out!

the stranger who handed me the briefcase by M. Jai Jenkins
the stranger who handed me the briefcase by M. Jai Jenkins

…”Reaching my room, I noticed the door was slightly ajar. I entered and seen the place had been ransacked. Feeling violated, I decided to get my belongings and leave but once I was fully dressed: I noticed my wallet was missing. My exhausting search, was an exercise in futility and finally, I left the hotel altogether.

My befuddled face and a depressing walk must’ve resonated to a taxi driver outside the hotel, who asked was I OK. I shook my head no and explained that I lost my wallet, without telling him too many details. My Business attire, laptop bag, luggage and the briefcase must have deemed me trustworthy, as he offered me a ride. I thanked him and got in. I had already decided to cancel my meeting tomorrow and asked that he take me to the airport.

He was reluctant to travel so far for free but finally, obliged. I got inside and within minutes, could feel my body relaxing. I fought hard to stay awake but lost within minutes. Several weird dreams later, I abruptly woke up and stared at the ceiling for a moment, thinking about all that’s happened. This night couldn’t get worse, I thought. Realizing we weren’t moving, I sat up to address the driver but he was gone. The car was off and all the doors were ajar.”

Excerpt from “The Stranger who handed me the briefcase”.

Have a subject you want to educate me or others on; please contact me at contact@mjaijenkins.com

Let’s Debate!

Anyone who loves a healthy discussion: we can debate or discuss any subject you like, as long as it’s productive & healthy. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

happy people don't say sad shxt by mjaijenkins.com
happy people don’t say sad shxt by mjaijenkins.com

A avid student of Psychology, Sociology, Human behavior, History and Science. Infatuated with fallacies and Logic. Two of my favorite fictional characters of all-time are Easy Rawlins by Walter Mosley and Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Both helped find an escape many times as a kid and educated me simultaneously. My first part of life was spent discovering it’s meaning and my purpose. I now overstand both. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to bringing positive energy and solutions into every space I occupy.

Books were my escape from a detrimental household. To see a glimpse of it, read “Our Household.” Books helped me then to see that a world beyond my trauma had existed. I read everything with words on it. Dictionaries, Magazines, Newspapers, Brochures, Manuals, Comic books, Product Labels; you name it. Unbeknownst to me, I was storing data and future solutions to my problems in my subconscious. Books that I read as an early teen, contained keys that were activated later in life when searching for solutions to problems. I implore you to always read and encourage others to. Reading was instrumental in me surviving a traumatizing childhood.

no excuses for failure by mjaijenkins.com
no excuses for failure by mjaijenkins.com

“Happy people don’t say sad shxt” – M. Jai Jenkins


Born to two parents of severe trauma and PTSD.

  • Father disappeared before I was teen
  • Mother physically & verbally abusive
  • Abandoned as a teen
  • Foster Home, Runaway Shelters & Juvenile detention
  • Suicide attempt at 14
  • No support or family structure
  • No grandparents
  • Homeless for years (sleeping outside, in cars & on floors)
  • Excessive Trauma created a Sociopath (“Exsociopath” the book, coming soon)

My childhood and early adulthood was very tumultuous and promising of only one thing: repetition of the same detrimental cycles that claimed my parents. I’m here today, to tell you that the cycle was broken, because I never stopped wanting better for myself.

“The mind is stronger than any problem you have” – M. Jai Jenkins

I was determined to be a better person and through an arduous learning process, I developed a cognitive system that allowed me to overcome any mental hurdles.

I decided to share my story to encourage others to do the same. Instead of allowing the past and the pain to overpower us; we can use it to impower and educate, so that it can be prevented from reoccurring in future generations. The cycle continues otherwise. I refuse to pass it on, I’d rather help others overcome. Together, impossible is very possible.


M.Jai Jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
M.Jai Jenkins for mjaijenkins.com

My cognition and creativity began to flourish in every facet of my life. I have created several simple systems that severely improves upon current Business Problems, ranging from Customer Service, Logistics, Diversity Training and Home Appliance Delivery. I implore you wager five minutes of your time, in a conversation; against the possibility of missing out on some of the Dopest idea’s you’ve heard in eons…

How2BeatLife by M. Jai Jenkins

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