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How to Change your life in 10 moves!

                                BY: M. Jai Jenkins

change your life in 10 moves by mjaijenkins.com
change your life in 10 moves.

Change is a scary word to most people but regardless of how you feel about it; it’s inevitable. Change isn’t a bad thing, it’s a prerequisite for survival. We, along with everything else indigenous to earth is required to grow and evolve or soon perish. Every single day you change in some way: aesthetically and mentally. It’s called progression. You are a different person today, than you were yesterday. You know more, have more experience and depending on what you’ve learned in the last day; have a new prospective on some things.

Never fear change. It’d just a word. The actual act of change, is embedded in your DNA and will occur with or without your support. Lack of wanting or attempting change usually leads to complacency. That comfort zone: is where you lose sight of hope, dreams and ambition. When you step out of it, you allow yourself space to grow. You were born to not only grow, but to flourish. Change looks good on you, embrace it. I promise it only hurts when you run from it. So if you’re unsure how to start, here’s how to change your life in 10 moves.

#1 Change your attitude.

change your attitude. by mjaijenkins.com

Your attitude attracts people to you as well as repel them. A better attitude increases the chances of success tenfold. If you run a Business, you’ll need an optimistic attitude for a multitude or reasons. Every action is precipitated by a thought process; so a negative mind produces negative actions. You want better results in life, changing your attitude will more than help but it’s not the only factor. You have no control of the world around you but you can control your attitude and how you respond to it.

#2 Believe in yourself.

believe in yourself by mjaijenkins.com
believe in yourself by mjaijenkins.com

Having confidence can gain you the world. Lack of it can convince you the world is on top of you. You have to believe in you even when no one else does. Difficult but possible. Be your biggest cheerleader, even when you have lots of them. One day they won’t be there and all you’ll have to believe in is you. Confidence is imperative in success and is usually the reason you didn’t get the job. Believe in yourself, even when feel one else does.  

#3 Read! Read! Read!

read by m.jaijenkins for mjaijenkins.com
read by m.jaijenkins

Reading is imperative. It expands your perspective and improves our understanding of practically everything. A book now; can influence Business decisions you’ll make a decade from now. The mind retains all of the things you feed it and the further you want to go in life, the more you’ll need a wider range of knowledge (brain food).

#4 Eat (a lot more) Healthier.

eat more healthy by m.jai jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
eat healthier by M.Jai jenkins

 Your health, not money, is the true source of your wealth. Money can be replaced. You however are irreplaceable. If you are sick or severely ill: what good is the money you’ve accumulated? To fully enjoy life, you need to eat right. Foods fight disease, keep us nourished & give us energy; thus, = living longer. 

#5 Cut people off.

cut people off by M Jai Jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
cut people off by M Jai Jenkins

ASAP, if they are negative or a detriment to your livelihood & happiness. No one negative should be in your life. No one! Nothing good comes from negative people and their negative energy but problems. Just as you can’t have positive life with negative thoughts, you’ll never have a positive support group with negative people in your circle. No one is worth your happiness and yes, one bad apple can really spoil the entire bunch.  

#6 Help someone else.

help others by M Jai Jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
help others by M Jai Jenkins

Helping others comes with great rewards. It’s already an intrinsic trait in us humans but often, is taken advantage of by the scavengers who takes kindness for a weakness. No one likes feeling like someone took advantage of them, so help those who either don’t ask, won’t ask or accepting anonymous donations. It also doesn’t have to be tangible or monetary. You could help someone clean out an attic or garage, cook them a meal or just listen to them vent.

#7 Travel.

Traveling increases experiences and expands our knowledge, as well as perceptions: which are usually limited outside of our immediate circles. You can expand networking groups, see new Business opportunities, learn other customs and appreciate other cultures. Traveling has a plethora of benefits and very little downside. Just be open-minded cause more than likely, wherever you go; they won’t live like you normally do.

#8 Use your Talents/Gifts.

use your talent by M Jai Jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
use your talent by M Jai Jenkins

All of them. They say everyone has a talent but that’s a lie. I would imagine at least a dozen occur naturally in us all. This is where change affects other things, like trying new things and discovering a hidden talent. Like painting, gardening, sports or playing an instrument. Talents comes in a million different ways and you have plenty, using them will bring not only happiness but more opportunities.

#9 Forgive.

forgive by M. Jai jenkins for mjaijenkins.com
forgive by M. Jai jenkins

Yes, forgive. Or at least move on. This is what growth looks like. All of us have people we feel have either wronged us or that we feel deserves to go to hell for their behavior. Let it go, like Teddy Pendergrass says in Love T.K.O. Let it go. Hate, grudges, vendettas, retaliation or anything similar: all are cancers to your progress. Use those moments as motivation to get better, not to get back at someone. Your success will hurt them more. Forgive and move on.

#10 Love.

love by M Jai Jenkins for mjaijenjenkins.com
love by M Jai Jenkins

Love someone. Allow someone to love you. Do both simultaneously. Life is about experiences and love is one that we were meant to experience. It’s why we don’t like being alone and why our feelings toward someone can be so extreme, that we commit crimes for them. You were designed to love and to be loved. You’ll live longer happily in love and we make others happy when we extend our love to them. Love your family, your friends, neighbors, colleagues and others regularly in your life and you’ll never be lonely again. They’ll happily love you back out of human nature. If you’ve already removed the negative people, this is easy.  

In all actuality, this list could be two or three times longer. We all have the ability to change our lives every day. I know the idea of change can’t be frightening but what’s on the other side of your comfort zone is bliss and pure happiness. Everything you envisioned as a child for yourself. Those dreams from high school and college are still obtainable. No, you can’t be a fly girl on “In Living Color” but you can become an internet sensation from dancing; still achieving fame and possibly a small fortune.

 If you aren’t happy with your life, the way it’s going or who’ve you become: you can change that. One of favorite quotes is “to get something you never had; you have to do something you’ve never done. I implore you do step outside your comfort zone and live. There’s nothing about it that you’ll regret except that you didn’t do it sooner. Now you know how to change your life in 10 moves. Be safe and thank you for your time.

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