Pamela: my mother by M. Jai Jenkins

Pamela/My Mom

Through elementary, junior high and high school; she never attended any function I had, to support me. No award ceremonies for grades, sports or my actual high school graduation. She never accepted the tickets I left her, nor did she ever say congratulations. Ironically, she attended graduations for my siblings, my brother’s before and my sister’s after mine. I realized, when came home with my cap and gown on, diploma in hand and she never acknowledged me: that I had no mother.

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What an accident on I-74 taught me about Love

It had appeared that someone recently passed and the family came here to celebrate with their deceased love one. My initial thought was that whoever it was designed for, was well loved while they were here and then, I felt sad thinking about the tears someone shed, while decorating it. I saw it every timed I passed for about a month and a half before something interesting happened.