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M. Jai Jenkins

A man of mystery, intellect, ambition and ideas.

A passion driven and  perpetually creative soul; with an obsession for knowledge, solving problems and helping others. An Indomitable spirit. A Proud Father, Motivational Speaker, Inventor (patent pending), Creativity Consultant, Writer, Entrepreneur, Painter, Author (soon to be published), Director and more. Sleep is my lone arch nemesis. Never Negative and occasionally funny.  

“Instead of propelling me forward toward success; it (Life) grabbed me and held me down until many opportunities had passed. Those were losses in my mind when I was uneducated. Now, I see them as lessons. Valuable lessons on how to lose like a winner.”

– M. Jai Jenkins

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My educational journey has lead me to realize that the strongest, most powerful and valuable asset we own are our minds. 

The mind is more powerful than any tool or machine that humans have created. After all, it was the human mind that created those things.

You have in your mind; the ability to design, manifest and build whatever life you desire. It requires belief, determination, persistence, education, confidence and help. Help is needed for us all. No one can do everything alone. 

You were born by yourself but not for yourself. 

So, I’m sharing my journey, knowledge and platforms to educate; as well as be educated, on as many things as possible.

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All of my life, I’ve held a deep fascination with words and from it, developed my form of therapy- Writing. 



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